This is my journey of learning Tableau and trying to build awesome dashboards in the months to come. Although schoolwork is intense now, I find myself loving the hours I spend working on data and putting things together for insight.

I learnt about Tableau last year, 2019. I was working on a project for school about the gender pay gap. I loved working with the dataset. As I silently gathered my thoughts on how to visualize and predict the salary per employee based on different factors, I found a little difficulty using python to visualize the exact things I wanted to see.


This was the moment when the heavens opened and a light shone down on me; complete with the light bulb popping up so bright. That was the moment I fell in love with Tableau. I did not know anything about it, I had just used it for a map visualization and that was it. Thinking I had accomplished something great. 🙈


In January as I presented my final project, I was excited I used a different tool and I got results. That day, I came home and called a friend who is based in London, telling him how I excited I got using Tableau and that I think we should learn how to use the tool. That night, I did a little research, looking at different visualization boards and how to get started officially. I decided then to build my first dashboard with the superhero dataset I got from Kaggle. I had so much fun doing that. I also built a coronavirus (dataset also from Kaggle) viz; this I did with my friend in London. Each of us trying to come up with a viz to inform others of the outbreak. [I will insert a picture to that]


A screen shot of a computer Description automatically generated


As weeks passed, I started teaching myself Tableau. Learning from blogs, YouTube, anywhere I could find an article. Although I am still learning and trying to perfect my craft, I just love to take a break from schoolwork and just play with data in Tableau. I love the tool and I am hoping one day, I will become super good at it. Oh, I forgot, Tableau has a great community. So why not Tableau? Easy to get help and directions.