Photo by Designecologist from Pexels


A thousand words can’t explain the exact ways I feel


Neither can action quantify the intense feeling 


Till today if I’m asked whether true love exists 


Well you would have guessed my answer by now 


What’s true love you might ask


 True love is 1st Corinthians 13:4-7 True love is God


True love is Jesus coming down blameless yet dying for our sins


True love is selfless 


True love is making sacrifices It is making compromises 


It is you making an effort 


True love is you fitting perfectly to an imperfect heart despite your flaws or imperfections


True love is love thriving in all the difficult phases of life It is love surviving the miles and miles apart 


True love is making sure at all times you are available It is sharing your darkest moments and happiest moments


It is picking up the pieces and becoming a master builder


Love is True love when it makes you better 


True love finds a way to conquer it all 


True love is you loving love and loving the one completely 


Most importantly, true love is you loving yourself for both your perfections and imperfections 


True love makes everything better