(image from pexel.com)


She’s hurting
Isn’t she?
She’s pretending she’s fine
Do you notice it?
Her voice trembling as she speaks
Trying to stop her hands from shaking
And holding onto the gaze one last time
Like she has everything under control
She does tho
Only for a split second
This is the moment you know
When she walks away, tears would flood her eyes
Her smile fading away
She doubles her pace just to hurry to escape the moment
She craves to look back but does she want to?
Knowing her heart might sink in a little further
She sighs heavily once she’s alone
And places her head in her palms
Crying softly
A chapter to be closed she mutters to herself silently
She’s hurting
But she puts on a brave face
Do you notice how boldly she speaks
authoritative she might sound
She’s just tired of being taken for granted
The love she feels slowly faded into the darkness
Emotionless she empowers herself
A heart once made of gold lost its beauty when a cloud of hurt evaded its space, darkness engulfed its shine