(image from pexel.com)

He opens the door, walks in carefully so not to make any noise
He takes off his coat and places it on the rack
Drops his keys in the key tray and walks into the house
he runs his fingers through his hair
A little damp it feels
As if he had just jumped out of the shower
In the kitchen, he sees freshly brewed coffee
A note left on the island, a ring and a gift she got for him for their upcoming anniversary
He felt her presence but was she really there?
“ This is for you I believe “ it read
“ I can’t believe we came this far. Freshly brewed coffee as you like, homemade cookies in the jar. I guess this is the last time I would have to do all these knowing you’d enjoy them. Don’t forget to drop your keys. Take Care. – her”
He reads it as he moves around the house searching for her.
He saw her car in the driveway. He knows she’s around, she has to be.
He hears an engine, looks out of the window, and there she was, backing off and driving away
In her bedroom, he walks into the closet
Her perfume still lingers
Running his fingers through her clothes
He stops and pulls one out
Smiling as he takes a look at it
Mustard, he loves this colour on her
Growing weaker and weaker as he stood in there
This is finally goodbye
“Leaving you has been one of the difficult moments in my life. I wish I could explain further. I wish I didn’t hurt you. Watching you leave knowing you hurting without being able to hold you in my arms has been so hard for me. I know you are strong. I know you will be fine. P. S, I still love you. – him”