(image from pexel.com)

He watches her as she speaks
Wanting to hold her in his arms
For the last time as he says goodbye
Goodbye? Yes goodbye
He’s leaving her hurting
Choices he’s made has brought him to this moment
All he can do is to pray silently
Hoping she isn’t hurting that much
He notices her voice tremble
He makes a move to hold her hands but restrains from it
What should he do?
He knows he loves her and he knows she does too
But he ought to leave even if it means breaking her heart
He watches her walk away
He stood there waiting for her final turn
Just to have some sort of assurance
But she never did turn
He dreads he’s created a monster
She showed little to no emotions
Because she had to put on her brave face
He thinks to himself
Should I run to her for the last time?
Should I leave her be?
Would she be fine?
Silently hurting too
Why did I make these choices he asked? No one to answer but himself.