I have used Figma a lot of times for both static wireframes and dashboard backgrounds. This is a pretty amazing level-up on using this AWESOME tool. The purpose of learning this level is to make sure that as a whole I appreciate the capability of the tool and also to build up my skill set. You can never know too much.

One of the beauties of being part of the DataFam Community is you always learn and incorporate tips and tools from the community as you grow. I came across this Tutorial Session by Autumn Battani(Her Tableau Profile) and I just wanted to learn and also share my understanding of it.

First and foremost, let me acknowledge how awesome She is. She took her time to really explain and put together an interactive mock-up in Figma. You can find her videos here.

In the below file, I went through the tutorial videos and created the different pages. Feel free to duplicate and use it as needed. 

Would this be a series? Most likely!!!!!! In the coming weeks I would go deeper in learning how to build more complicated dashboards and learn more on how to do the absolutely most with this UX/UI tool.  As I said, It is pretty AWESOME.


Basic Charts

Building a Complete Dashboard

Interactivity and Mock up

For now, this is all folks !!!. Kindly look forward to another post on the use of Figma.


Happy Vizzing and Prototyping!!!!